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Like most Americans we are fed up! We’ve had enough of our lawmakers doing nothing to defend our democracy. Every day there is something new to defend and something outrageous going on in the White House.  We have been forced to watch the GOP continually push through destructive legislation. Legislation like the tax scam which was shoved down the throats of the American people in order to enrich the wealthy. Is there any reasonable person not upset by Trump’s cabinet picks? If so we have yet to meet them. This administration was create to dismantle the precious entities that serve the people and they are gleefully doing so. The country is in a state of constant chaos and it is exhausting.

Stike4Change is a grassroots movement looking to empower “We The People”.  Our motto is “One life is too Many, One March is not enough”. We believe one off marches are just not enough. They are easy to ignore and dismiss. In order to get the attention of those that need to listen sustained and constant pressure by the populous is needed.  We plan to organize sustained campaigns and protests as well as monthly strikes and boycotts. The intent is to disrupt business as usual, because, let’s face it, the only thing that speaks is money. 

We decided to form this group because we felt we were letting our children down. No, let’s face it, we have been letting our children down. We have been complacent in our democracy, not speaking up as often or as loudly as we could, and should.  The Parkland shooting is what finally compelled a few of us to  band together in and effort to figure out, and fight for, a way to ensure a safer future for our children and grandchildren. A future where the fear of being shot does not infect their childhoods. We strongly believe the NRA and their continuing efforts to push of their agenda and purchase legislation through large political donations must be stopped. The NRA admits to using foreign funds to promote their agenda and have been credibly linked to Russian money, just as has this administration.  The NRA is also complicit in an effort to  silence children who have survived a mass shooting through a sustained bullying campaign. They also create and release divisive videos demonizing and promoting violent rhetoric against those who do embrace their agenda. On such video literally called for another “civil war” targeting “liberals”.

A young Gitl holding a sign that says #neveragain
We have let our children down

We were lucky enough to be able to attend the #MarchForOurLives protest in Washington DC. To  see the young people energized and aware that their votes will matter fills me with hope. We are sharing photos of that March, but we need to see these numbers, not just in isolated marches, but every month until we  make a impact. We are personally so proud of our vocal youth. They are the future of this country, so let’s help them and let’s support their et, until we can no longer be ignored. We all need to speak up for those who don’t have a voice. Let’s do this for our future. Let’s do this for our children, children who have asked for our help, children who have rightfully expressed the feeling that they have been let down by the adults in this country. Giving a kindergarten child a piece of candy to ensure they remain quiet in the case there is an active shooter is not something, we as a country, should accept as normal. Arming teachers should never be an option. The only option should be creating an environment where our children feel safe and comfortable in their schools.

The Republican members of congress are doing nothing to derail the sustained attack we under by a foreign entity. We cannot stand idle in the hope that Mueller will make this all go away. Russia helped to install a man who was not even close to being qualified for the job of running a business, much less a country. A man with a well known history of exploiting individuals for his own gain. Russia is has also funneled money to the NRA, and is still waging sustained disinformation campaigns on social media and through right wing media outlets. The have undermined our election process and will continue to do so as they remain unchecked.

Additionally the GOP and this administration are attacking the working class as they sick to widen an already massive divide in wealthy distribution. The agendas of billionaires aren’t in line with helping and caring about the majority of Americans in this country. The players that seek to increase thier own wealth through large political donation look to divide and conquer the citizens of this country and to exploit this country to increase thier own personal profit and power.

We are looking to tackle and support, a slew

Young Girl with sign that says "we can all be heroes one day"
Children are leading the way.

of issues. Everything from gun reform to making sure that we keep our democracy and free and fair elections intact. Yes, we have a lot of work to do, but there are enough good people out there that are ready and willing to make a difference. People are looking for many different ways to resist this ‘administration’s agenda and replace our country back on the right path. A path of peace, diversity and prosperity for all.


Look to our page for candidates that will be running for office this November, we will be supporting those who have the best interest of the majority of Americans at heart. We will not stop until Citizens United is overturned and policies against dark money are put in place so we can take the billions of dollars used to purchase legislation, and silence the will of the people, out of our politics.


Yes, we realize this is an enormous job and there are many issues we need to tackle. Some months we may tackle on one issue, other months we may focus on several at one time.  Together we are stronger. We can help each other if we band together.  Together we can do this! I’m ready, and I know millions of Americans are ready as well. Ready to help and to support all the groups and entities out there fighting, Ready to band together as one loud voice that is impossible to ignore.  We know it seems overwhelming and overwhelming and tremendous, but we must persist and insist. And yes, we must support the efforts to impeach Trump.

We look forward to your ideas, your feed back, and to hearing your concerns. We will grow until we will have a stronger voice and we  can not be silenced. Join us and together we can make a difference. Let’s be the country we all know we can be.

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