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Who We Are

Strike4Change is a grassroots movement designed to support like-minded organizations and help them create sustained pressure on the country’s elected representatives that informs them of one simple fact – enough is enough.

Born of the 2018 Valentine's Day tragedy in Parkland, FL that saw 17 souls perish at the hands of a weapon of war, Strike4Change has two goals - to protect the lives of our children and mobilize citizens to reject so-called “leaders” that allow policy to be dictated by special interest donors and, ultimately, influence the direction of their vote. Our motto is simple: One child is too many, one march is not enough.

It is Time to Act

Politicians respond to all mass shootings the same way. They express horror, shoot off a careless statement that includes their "thoughts and prayers" then do absolutely nothing. No action. No legislation. No change. Just empty platitudes that continue to leave us all vulnerable. It has to end, and since lawmakers do not seem inclined to take action we must.

Our Motivation

Strike4Change is here to be a force-multiplier. Too often it is the young who are left to face horror at the hands of semi-automatic weapons. Unfortunately Sandy Hook, Columbine, MDM in Parkland Florida, Virginia Tech, Umpqua College and Northern Illinois University are known to us only due to their suffering of immeasurable – and unimaginable – losses.

The problem extends beyond schools. We, as citizens of the United States, should not be under the constant threat of facing a mass shooter in our malls, movie theaters and night clubs, while watching a concerts or in our places of worship.

Yet, the number of victims at the Cascade Mall, Aurora Movie Theater, Orlando Night Club, Las Vegas Concert, and at churches in South Carolina and Sutherland Springs illustrate how vulnerable we all are.

Sadly, the shootings mentioned above were so devastating they made it beyond the local news, and a single news cycle. However the grim reality is they are only a fraction of the mass shootings in this country. The shootings that you do not here about are no less devastating to those that have lost family members, been injured or lived through horror at the hands of a mass shooter.

Our Action Plan

We will boycott businesses, not attend work and hold non-violent protests in monthly escalating strike actions until our demands are met. We will strike at the heart of corporations and protest until our children are safe. We will shame politicians that place big money and lobbyist over thier constituents. We will support other like minded non- violent activist organizations interested in social and political change.

A polite easy to dismiss single march is not our aim, though we will support and participate in those as well. The goal is to apply sustained pressure on politicians and corporate lobbyist. To at first become the grain of sand in their shoe and then progress to a sandstorm that chokes them into submission. To do this, we need the participation of every American that seeks change and is willing to stand up to obtain it.

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